Central Crown Rally 2014

Central Crown Rally: Season Two

On September 20th, fifty enthusiast owned vehicles will depart from downtown Minneapolis for the start of the 2014 Central Crown Rally. This is year two of the Central Crown and the organization promises it will be one of the most extreme lifestyle driving events of 2014. Better yet ALL proceeds go to charity!

Viper SRT 10 wrapped

In authentic rally fashion, the Central Crown will feature highly modified vehicles decked out in livery, first rate accommodations and one hell of party at the finish line. While all of that is certainly exciting, we know the best part is the drive!

Central Crown Rally is taking a very unique and thrilling approach to the rally itself. They shared some of the details with us but not everything because keeping the participants guessing is the name of the game.

Chevy Camaro ZL-1 in Midwest

Mid-America Cartell: Tell us, how does the Central Crown Rally work?

Central Crown: For 2014 the Central Crown rally uses a checkpoint-based route to ensure that all the best roads are hit. We also use the checkpoints to introduce a bit of variety into the 600 miles of driving, offering unique breaks and challenges for our participants that they wouldn’t get if they were out driving on their own. Participants will drive to and from destinations that are slowly revealed throughout the day that will see them consistently having to adjust their perceived routes. The winner will receive the 2014 Central Crown.

Central Crown Minnesota

Mid-America Cartell: So this certainly is a competition? What are the various awards that will be handed out at the award ceremony?

Central Crown: Central Crown involves competition, but we consider it a day of driving and camaraderie above all. It’s about lifestyle. There will be awards at the end and a winner will be crowned, along with several other awards that you may not be expecting. We don’t want to give too much away so I’ll just leave it at that for now—awards will be given, someone will be crowned, and a party will ensue.  

Scion FR-S purple wheels

Mid-America Cartell: The after party sounds like a blast. We hear it is being held at one of the most exclusive night clubs in Chicago, care to share any details?

Central Crown: The after party will be held at The Wit, which is located in the heart of downtown Chicago, famous for the rooftop venue on the 27th floor of the building. Surrounded by skyscrapers on all sides and oblivious to the world below, it’s a party that you won’t find anywhere else in the Midwest. After a long day of driving, it represents the perfect way to unwind; VIP among the social elite.

Car Party at The Wit

Mid-America Cartell: It’s fantastic that ALL proceeds are going to charity, have you guys selected the charity and do you have a specific goal in mind?

Central Crown: The charity we’ve selected is People Serving People. They’re an important organization in Minneapolis dedicated to eradicating child homelessness. We’re impressed by their insistence to take their mission one step further than other organizations—by not only offering short-term help, but taking an approach to rehabilitate through job training, helping people secure education certificates, and setting them on a path to sustain a positive lifestyle.

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon modified

Mid-America Cartell: This is year two of the Central Crown Rally, can you give those just tuning in a recap of year one?

Central Crown: We consider year one to be what you might call a ‘soft opening’ with a relatively small group consisting largely of friends and acquaintances. Learning to throw an event of this magnitude was an important first step in ensuring that we can offer a high-quality experience, so we’re taking what we learned last year and improving on everything—better checkpoints, better cars, more people, and better launch and after parties. Last year we had the time of our lives; this year we’re making it our business to extend that level of enjoyment to everyone.

Infiniti G35 Coupe white wheels

Mid-America Cartell: Are there any cars that you are especially excited to drive alongside?

Central Crown:  Cars are the name of the game in Central Crown—we’re enthusiastic about everything from Detroit to Tokyo to Stuttgart and in between. So while I’d be remiss not to mention the 1600RWHP Ford GT or the W12 Bentley Flying Spur, we don’t play favorites and welcome all kinds of cars and cultures. We love the mindset of cars and all the associative factors—speed, horsepower, handling, but we love the people even more. That’s why we’re throwing the event, and that’s why we’ll keep at it, year after year.

Mid-America Cartell: Why was the Central Crown Rally started?

Central Crown: Central Crown traces its origins back to a childhood love of car culture that has continued to this day. Although there are a lot of car events and clubs in the region, we believe Central Crown is important to the Midwest because it creates a way to connect on a new level with fellow enthusiasts, and offers a unique way to give back to the community in which we live. It’s been important from day one that the rally focus on people, knowing that the love of cars will shine through because it’s something that we’re all passionate about.

Subaru WRX STI new generation

Mid-America Cartell: Is there anything beyond the September rally that you guys have planned? Anything we should be on the lookout for?

Central Crown: We’re currently working with MN Exotics & Supercars as well as MNBMW to put together a lunch cruise that will take place immediately after September’s MN C&C. Beyond that, we make it a point to be a presence at most of the car events throughout the Twin Cities. If you spot us, feel free to come hang out—we love talking shop and meeting new people who share our passion.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 modified

Mid-America Cartell: Is there still time to sign up? What is the deadline, cost and where do we register?

Central Crown: There’s plenty of time to join—check out our website for more details and to sign up. Our Facebook page is also very active, and that’s where you can find the latest team announcements and other interesting updates about the rally and other events. We’re beyond stoked for the event this year, and encourage everyone to check it out—Central Crown is the kind of event that you’ll remember for a very long time.

Big thanks to Casting Call Magazine for providing the amazing photos and beautiful models!

Season two of the Central Crown will be an absolute blast and is much more affordable than similar rallies. Unfortunately the Mid-America Cartell AMG wide body will have to sit this one out. Lucky for us our friend and photographer to the star cars Alex Bellus has us covered. Alex is the official photographer of the 2014 Central Crown and will bring us a full report.