LUSTR Auto Detail Amazing Results

LUSTR Auto Detail

Recent Chicago Rally to Starved Rock

Rolling with the Chicago Rally

goldRush Bugatti vs Mclaren P1

JP Logistics: The Gold Standard

June Fast Fridays at KC Trends

Fast Fridays in Kansas City

MotorCity Gumball Rally 2013

MotorCity Gumball Rally

It doesn’t get any better than the recent Gumball3000 and goldRush rallies. You’ve seen all the pictures, an army of heavily modified exotics dressed in outlandish livery rolling through cities and creating mayhem to a soundtrack of demonic exhaust notes. Unfortunately the majority of auto enthusiasts don’t have half-million dollar hyper cars or the tens […]

Alex Bellus Lamborghini Aventador Photo Shoot

Minnesota Cars and Coffee with Alex Bellus

If you aren’t paying attention to the Minnesota car scene, it is time you start! Minnesota currently stakes claim to one of the best Cars & Coffee shows in the Midwest, some top-flight performance shops, an impressive list of exotics roaming the streets and whispers of hyper-cars soon to make an appearance. There is no […]

RWB at Offset Kings

JDM Chicago x Fatlace Presents OFFSET KINGS

When two organizations that elevate that automotive enthusiast community collaborate, great things happen. This past June that philosophy was put in motion when Fatlace and JDM Chicago presented the Offset Kings car show in the Chicago area. In 2014 the Offset Kings car show presented by Fatlace will make 11 stops (including Hawaii, Japan and […]

Speedriven Engine Bay

Building a 10 second CL600

Breaking the 10 second mark is feat mostly reserved for drag cars on slicks, light weight turbo imports running ridiculous amounts of boost and super cars with price tags well north of $100k. These local and international legends pull up to the strip like home sweet home and everyone knows that it’s about to go […]

wannaGOFAST Chicago Half Mile

“I Wanna Go Fast!” To some, these words spoken by all-time great American patriot Ricky Bobby is just a quote that will live on in history books forever. To others it is a way of life and a primal hunger that can never be satisfied.  Speed limits are the worst, especially when you have two strikes and […]

Underground Hero Love to Hate Me

Underground Hero: Love to Hate Me

Mid-America Cartell aims to deliver fresh and original Midwest focused content, however, sometimes exceptions need to be made. Underground Hero: Love to Hate Me is a visually stunning short film by Maiham Media. This masterpiece chronicles Morohoshi-san, an underground hero who earns his living doing business in the gray and celebrates Bosozoku culture. You MUST […]