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SL65 wide body build

Mid-America Cartell Intro and Project

What it means to be an automotive enthusiast has a lot of different definitions to a lot of different people. No definition is better than the other and what it means to you, is what it means to you.

I’m an enthusiast because my everyday passion for cars has always and will always make my life that much more enjoyable. It’s an incredible experience to obtain a vehicle that speaks to your soul and modifying that vehicle until it is a part of your DNA. Being able to share that experience with fellow enthusiasts who are dedicated to the same lifestyle is half the fun.

We come together collectively to share and advance the automotive enthusiast experience which makes each of our individual enthusiast experience that much better. I can’t imagine trying to execute any build without the contributions of my fellow petrol heads. The shops and vendors that help bring my vision to life, the organizers of events where I get to show off my hard work and the strangers on message boards who don’t hesitate to take the time to help me overcome an obstacle.

Mercedes SL Vossen Wheels

My first round of cosmetic mods: carbon fiber front and rear spoilers, blacked out single slat grille and graphite Vossen CV3.

My SL65 AMG wide body project wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of the automotive enthusiast community. This website will serve as my contribution, my thank you.

Mid-America Cartell will showcase tales of car culture from the automotive enthusiasts who live it, the shops who build it, the companies who supply it, the car shows that celebrate it and the automotive photographers who capture it.

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The Mid-America Cartell x Strasse Sport x BenzWorks x D2 Forged x oCarbon x Speedriven x Prior Design SL65 AMG wide body build will be wrapping up soon and I’ll have complete update.

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Stay tuned, check out our Car-Tales and contact me so I can share your story.

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