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Another Level Car Show 2014

Last week Mid-America Cartell attended the Another Level Car Show in Schaumburg, Illinois. It was evident to us and everyone in attendance that Another Level is without a doubt one of THE best car shows in the Midwest. This was year four of the show (year two at the current venue after outgrowing the original) and team Another Level made it clear to everyone that they have car shows down to a science. Every element critical to car show success was present; large enough venue, 20 person staff who ensured everything ran smoothly, 15 qualified judges who handed out 50 awards, live DJ, a charitable cause, top notch sponsors, beautiful models and over 3,000 spectators.

While all those elements laid the foundation, it was the amazing line-up of cars that made this show a strong contender for best in the region. The collection of over 600 show cars scored high marks in variety, uniqueness, execution and the large number of high-end cars took this show to Another Level.

Pics or it didn’t happen? We were hoping you would say just that!


Boomers Stadium in Schaumburg was the venue for Another Level.


Our poor attempt at capturing the enormity of the show.


Coalition of exotics? Yes, please!


Twining Aventadors. It was that kind of show.


Which of these equally beautiful cousins would you take home? The R8 won 2nd place exotic.


The Chicago Rally GT-R with a fresh set of HRE’s. Track ready.


This was the line-up next to the JDM Chicago booth.


Adventure Supercars brought some of the cars that they actually let people drive at the track! Learn more.


American muscle was well represented.


1st place BMW.

The Chicago Rally 458 took home firs place exotic. More here.

The Chicago Rally 458 took home firs place exotic. More here.


1st place Mazda goes to Chicago Rally.


This matte red chrome wrap by X-treme Graphics was mind blowing!


Infiniti was well represented. LS swap anyone?


Both versions of the Prior Design SL wide body kits side by side. Gino’s red, Speedriven equipped monster took home 1st place Mercedes.


New body Lexus stanced just right.


What’s a car show without Supra?!?


Group pic.


Very well executed STI.


This twin turbo UGR shut down the show when it showed up.


ABMotoring Rocket Bunny drew a crowd as always.

Another Level Car Show 2nd Place Blue Subaru

The blue one took 2nd place Subaru. Tim Tann Photography.

Teaser shot of the Mid-America Cartell SL65 wide body project. Full shoot coming soon.

Teaser shot of the Mid-America Cartell SL65 wide body project. Full shoot coming soon.


The VapeCity-mobile in a chameleon finish that certainly doesn’t blend in.




1st place Nissan and you can see why.

Another Level Car Show Hayabusa Smart Car

Yes, a Smart Car with a Hayabusa engine. More at CarShowz.com

Another Level Car Show 2nd Place Infiniti

2nd place Infiniti. More at Side Street Tuning.

1st place Toyota went to this purple beauty with color matched SSR wheels

1st place Toyota went to this purple beauty with color matched SSR wheels.


Kamil’s soon to be 1/4 mile record holding CL600 took home 2nd place Mercedes.

2nd place BMW.

2nd place BMW.


2nd place Scion. Check out more roll in shots by Chris Chavez Photography.

Another Level Car Show 2nd Place Mitsubishi

2nd Place Mitsubishi.

Another Level Car Show 1st Place Scion

1st place Scion. This was one built box.


ABMotoring with the 2nd place VW.

Another Level Car Show 1st Place Infiniti

1st Place Infiniti. There was tons of competition in the Infiniti class.

Another Level Car Show 2nd place Lexus

2nd place Lexus. More coverage at CarShowz.com

Another Level Car Show 1st Place Acura

1st place Acura.

Another Level Car Show 1st Place VW

Engine bay of the 1st place VW.

As you can see, it was quite the show and if you missed it this year you better not miss it next year! There were so many cars that I’m 100% positive we missed some great ones. Be sure to check out Another Level’s Facebook page for more images of more cars.  For a complete list of the winning cars click here.

Next weekend Mid-America Cartell will be at Stance Wisconsin Presents Park After Dark and the weekend after at Minnesota Cars & Coffee and Wheels of Italy. Plenty more Midwest car show coverage to come!