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Stance Wisconsin: 2014 Car Shows

Having a grill out Labor Day weekend is cool and all but you’ve probably grilled out every Labor Day weekend…ever. Doesn’t a big ass-super well organized car show held after dark at a major league ball park right here in the Midwest sound like a much better plan? Shit yeah it does! If it doesn’t, you should just keep it moving because StanceWisconsin is for enthusiasts by enthusiast and if you choose a barbecue over one of the best car shows in the Midwest…then you aren’t an enthusiast!

Stance Wisconsin Car Show

On August 30th from 5pm-10pm at Miller Park (home of the Brewers) in Milwaukee, StanceWisconsin will be putting on Park After Dark. This must-attend show promises to be one of the most exciting the Midwest has to offer this season.

Stance Wisconsin Park After Dark

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The venue and uniqueness of it being held at dusk are reason enough to make the trip; however, it is the sheer volume and variety of cars that are the real story-line. StanceWisconsin is expecting  roughly 1,000 registered vehicles!

StanceWisconsin was established in 2011 with the goal to create a community that is accepting, welcoming, and understanding. It is an organization that strives to change the segregated nature of the enthusiast community, so it is to no surprise that their shows are an automotive melting pot.

Of course StanceWisconsin was happy to take a few moments to fill us in on their upcoming shows and their history.

Monterey Blue Nissan Z

What gap?

Mid-America Cartell: Why should an auto enthusiast unfamiliar with your shows make it to Park After Dark later this month and what should they expect?

StanceWI: We strive to host events that encompass all types of vehicles and styles. Whether you are looking for a badass muscle car, an on point slammed ride, an exotic beauty, a sleek bike, a well built road machine, or anything in between, we will have plenty of each. We see so many events throughout the country that are very specific to a particular style or vehicle make but as enthusiasts ourselves, we enjoy seeing a vast variety of vehicles to keep ourselves interested. We are consistently blown away by the number of vehicles that attend. Throughout the years we have tried to create not only the biggest car events in Wisconsin that welcomed all enthusiasts, but also the best atmosphere possible for everyone to enjoy. This August we are anticipating our biggest event to date and hoping to break 1000+ registered show vehicles. We pride ourselves on hosting events that are family friendly, welcoming, and laid back. So, what can people expect at our shows? To see a ton of kick ass vehicles, to make a bunch of new friends, to see old friends, to learn things they never thought they would, to enjoy what our fantastic vendors bring and show, and to have an overall great time with fellow enthusiasts in a laid back environment!

Mid-America Cartell: This isn’t your first show at Miller Park, what’s your history with the venue?

StanceWI: No it is not our first event at Miller Park, but sadly it will probably be our last. When we started hosting events back in 2011, we were holding them at the New Berlin Ale House located in New Berlin, Wisconsin. While this venue had everything that we needed to hold a great event, it was lacking in space. We finished off the 2011 season strong and knew that we needed to move to a significantly larger scale venue for 2012. It took a few months of research and a bunch of phone calls but we had our venue and we’ve been hosting shows at Miller Park ever since. It had everything we needed for a venue: plenty of space, food, restrooms, and the layout was perfect. We have hosted three separate events in the same lot at Miller Park and this year, because we outgrew that particular lot last season, we opted for significantly more space (and thank goodness because we will need it!).While we have enjoyed hosting shows there, we have found ourselves to be growing too large for the lots they have.

Car Show at Miller Park

How auto enthusiasts do take me out to a ball game.

Mid-America Cartell: Last year’s show looked amazing; tell us a little about it.

StanceWI: We hosted three events last year. The first one was a small mini-meet at a local park in Whitewater, Wisconsin. There was not a lot of space for parking but despite the snow and bitterly cold weather, we filled the lot and all of the spaces down the nearby roads too! We enjoyed pizza from Toppers inside of the warm shelter and it was an incredible start to the season seeing everyone get together and have a good time. We hosted a show a little over a month later, and a week before our wedding (I know, what were we thinking?!), and it was incredible. The weather was in the mid to upper 80’s and everyone was finishing up the last touches of their builds right beforehand. It was nice to see all the hard work that was put in (and paid off) and the weather boosted the spirits of everyone. It was our biggest event at the time and we were truly blown away by the turnout in terms of numbers, quality, and variety! Our final show in August was, for lack of a better word, incredible. The sun was shining, the heat was up (lower 90’s!!), DJ Marcus J (our official DJ that we cannot brag about enough) was throwing down some serious mashups, and the turnout was on point. We saw such a fantastic array of vehicles, builds, styles, and everyone enjoyed themselves! Our vendors for all three events were constantly busy with people learning about their products and buying them up! We truly could not have been happier with how the events turned out and we are so grateful to have such great attendees! Last year’s events were nothing but a blessing for us and our hard work and yearlong planning paid off.

Miller Park Car Show

Navigating through a sea of cars.

Mid-America Cartell: Putting you on the spot, what were your 3 favorite cars from last year’s show?

StanceWI: Geez, this is going to be a tough one to answer. There were so many amazing cars at our previous events last year. If we had to pin it down to three cars it would have to be the Onpointmotorsports LS powered RX-7, which as of this year was the first official Rocket Bunny RX-7 in the US and can be seen at our booth at Park After Dark. Our second would be the bagged sandy tan Impala SS with an LS swap that won the Best Classic Car award. Our third pick would be Wes Tank’s Eagle Talon that won the Best DSM Award. It’s really hard to pick three when we truly enjoyed every vehicle that came.

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Mid-America Cartell: Getting back to Park After Dark, is there something you are especially excited about for August 30th?

StanceWI: Other than the fact that it’s our first time hosting a night event, we are really looking forward to seeing everyone again! The turnout looks like it is going to be our biggest yet and judging by the cars we have seen people post that they are bringing, the variety is going to be spectacular! We are also extremely excited to have special guest judges, another first for us: Jeff with JC Kustums and HondaPro Jason! We will also have a couple of things going on during the event that we haven’t made any announcements for but will only add to the laid back atmosphere we are so proud of having at our events. Spending the evening with fellow enthusiasts, the smell of delicious food being cooked on grills (please feel free to bring one and cookout with your friends!), laid back atmosphere, seriously awesome mashups by our favorite DJ, a fantastic variety of vehicles, meeting new people, and learning a thing or two is exactly what we want to do on Labor Day weekend!  

Ferrari at Wisconsin car show

Exotics and Stanced cars together.

Mid-America Cartell: If putting on one jumbo show isn’t enough, you guys are going another round on September 21st by presenting Modified Madness! Give us the details on that show.

StanceWI: This September show is our yearly season closer and on our regular Sunday date in the afternoon. We plan on having low car limbo and some other surprises that we can’t spill the beans on yet. It should be a great time as always and even though we aren’t through August yet we cannot wait for September either!

Stance Wisconsin Modified Madness

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Mid-America Cartell: Three years into this journey and it appears you are accomplishing exactly what you set out to do…what has been the most rewarding aspect of Stance Wisconsin to date?

StanceWI: Honestly? The most rewarding aspect of it all is knowing we have created an environment that everyone feels welcome at. Whether it is on our Facebook page or at the events, we do not tolerate negativity and hate. We wanted to help create a community of automotive enthusiasts that is accepting, welcoming, and understanding. To us, it doesn’t matter how much you know, how “famous” you are within the community, or how much money you have. We believe that we all started somewhere and helping those who are just starting out is part of being in a community. We want people to come to our events and be inspired by others. We want people to enjoy themselves and make friends with others who share the same interests and passions. We encourage learning about fellow enthusiasts and their vehicles and to have fun doing so. We see that our goals are being reached at our events and on our Facebook pages and it is truly an incredible feeling. We also have the best followers and attendees out there who want the same things which makes it that much easier.


GT-R at PASMAG booth.

Mid-America Cartell: Anything in the plans for 2015 and beyond we should be on the lookout for?

StanceWI: We are constantly looking towards our future and throwing around ideas to one another. We are looking at some new venues and planning on doing some things that have not been done in Wisconsin and are going to, hopefully, blow everyone’s minds! We don’t want to give anything away just yet but we are already excited for what’s to come for StanceWisconsin and fellow automotive enthusiasts! So for now, we’ll leave it at this: be on the lookout to have your minds completely blown!

Datsun in Wisconsin

Mid-America Cartell will most certainly be at Park After Dark and will bring you a full report.

For more info about Stance Wisconsin and their events; visit their website and like them on Facebook.

Special thanks to photographers Mike Blaha, Dustin Fulkner, Ray Flores, Jenni Stretsbery and Jonathan Guel for the visuals.