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MotorCity Gumball Rally 2013

MotorCity Gumball Rally

It doesn’t get any better than the recent Gumball3000 and goldRush rallies. You’ve seen all the pictures, an army of heavily modified exotics dressed in outlandish livery rolling through cities and creating mayhem to a soundtrack of demonic exhaust notes.

Unfortunately the majority of auto enthusiasts don’t have half-million dollar hyper cars or the tens of thousands of dollars it takes to participate in Gumball3000 or goldRush. The best they can hope for is to be spectators if one of these rallies happens to blow through a nearby city.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone created in an approachable alternative here in the Midwest? Someone has. Waseem Qureshi and Alex Haggart launched the MotorCity Gumball Rally in 2012. Based out of Detroit, the MotorCity Gumball combines luxury lifestyle, motorsport activities, and extreme sports to create the experience of a lifetime.

MotorCity Gumball Rally cars

MotorCity Gumball Rally cars

This August (23-24) the MotorCity Gumball Rally will head out from Detroit on a mission to take over Chicago. The high speed rally and stops at the track will give participants the opportunity to showcase their livery covered cars. While Waseem will keep them on edge with some top secret adrenaline pumped extreme sports activities. Of course in Gumball fashion, there will be four star accommodations, a rented out night club and limo rides while the rally cars rest.

otorCity Gumball Rally VF Engineering supercharged M3

Waseem’s VF Engineering supercharged M3

Chicago Rally Ferrari 458

Team Chicago Rally getting after it!

Waseem had the goal of 75 cars for this year’s rally but the demand was so high he already has 100 vehicles singed up! Year 1 saw just fewer than 50 cars, there were around 65 vehicles last year and reaching 100 this year is a landmark not even goldRush was able to hit.

MotorCity Gumball Rally Nissan GT-R

Team GT-R

Cars are the stars and the stars come out for the MotorCity Gumball. From Lambos and Ferraris to AMGs, GT-Rs, and Porsches. Of course, you couldn’t dub it MotorCity without some American muscle as well. Some unique standouts have been the Pimp My Ride crew in their 007 themed Aston DB9 and a super semi driven by a local Detroit towing crew. This year there is a lot of excitement over Detroit’s own Rob Dahm’s Lamborghini Diablo.

Rob Dahm Diablo Motorcity Gumball Rally

Rob Dahm’s Diablo headlines Motorcity Gumball Rally 2014

Pimp my Ride Aston Martin 007 DB9 MotorCity Gumball Rally

Pimp my Ride Aston Martin 007 DB9 MotorCity Gumball Rally

MotorCity Gumball Largest Rally car ever

MotorCity Gumball Largest Rally car ever

It isn’t all about the cars, partying with fellow enthusiasts and the adrenaline rush; money will be raised for charity and significant donation will be made to toys for tots.

Mid-America Cartell will have tons of coverage from the rally so keep it locked.

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